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 Traditional Wax Seal Stamp Singapore (for seals, for  memento)                 


antique custom seal stamp

Simmer custom seal stamp

  Antique custom seal stamp2   shimmer custom seal stamp

Custom Seal Stamp
(Antique Round)
 $ 85

Custom Seal Stamp
(Shimmer Round)   $ 85

Custom Seal Stamp
(Antique Square)
  $ 85

Custom Seal Stamp
(Shimmer Square)  85
premium seal stamp

  ready made seal stamp

  ready made wax seal stamp

  sealing wax

Premium Seal Stamp
(Sphere Round)
  $ 145

Ready-made Seal Stamp
(Alphabet Round)  $ 35

Ready-made Seal Stamp
(Initial Round)
  $ 35

Wax Sets
(Tool kit)  $ 20
sealing wax 2 stick type sealing wax candle type sealing wax glue gun sealing wax
Sealing Wax
(Beads type)  $ 15

  Sealing Wax
(Stick type)  $ 24

  Sealing Wax
(Candle type)   $ 18

  Sealing Wax
(for Glue gun)  $ 15



                   For sealing of Invitation Envelopes.
                         Traditional Wax seal stamp is for sealing of envelope to be used for luxury invitations. Customizable seal stamp will be engraved initial of couple name or logo.
                         This custom vintage seal stamp and natural resin was products will make your invitation to dignified ceremony.

                   For memento of big day
                         This refined seal stamp will make memory your ceremony for a long time as great memento.

                      1. Stamp Products (made in Korea)
 - Stamp (die): Brass (Antique seal / Simmer seal). Brass has high thermal conductivity. so it can cool your wax quickly.
                                    We apply special surface treatment on the brass. therefore it looks very antique and resistant to rust.
                                 - Handel : as Taiwan wood products, it will support the stamp strongly and visible to luxurious stamp
                                 - Size :  Length 92mm including stamp coin, Diameter : 20mm (for custom round and square type seal) / 26mm (for premium sphere)
                                 - Customized design available : logo or custom design available
                                    Please send your design file through illustration file so that we can check the possibility in advance.
                                 - Premium sphere stamp is composed of all bass (including handle). so it is heavy and have wider seal space for initial or logo.


                      2. Font style for customization
 wax seal stamp font 1
wax seal stamp font 2

                     3. Wax products
                            Beads type, Stick type, Candle type and Glue gun style.

1) Beads type : 75 beads wax in a bottle. 3 beads Singaporeble for 1 stamping * for 100 envelopes require 4 bottles.
                                    Beads wax has 3 colours ( Gold, Silver, Red)

                               beads type wax

                              2) Stick wax : Various colors available. ( lavender, pink, tiffany, black color available)

                              stick type wax

                              3) Candle type wax :
7 colors available and custom color can be done to mix 2 different color waxes

                          4. How to apply

                               methods of wax seal stamp

                                  1) melt wax on spoon   
                                  2) pour the wax liquid on the place to seal
                                  3) press stamp softly for 2 seconds and keep the stamping to leave your hand from the handle for 40 seconds.
                                  4) take off the stamp from the wax

                          5. Package.

                                 The wax seal stamp will be packed with vintage kraft paper box
                                 For muslim, parchment leather pack will be provide if customer want.

                             To place an order, Please email ( us for the quotation and details.


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